System Control A1 is a Freeware Windows® Vista/7 Sidebar/Desktop Gadget that monitors your system's current time and system's uptime, cpu load history and memory use.

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Main Features:

Digital Clock: it display the current system time. You can change between 12 hours and 24 hours mode with a single click on it.

System's Uptime: it display the time which has passed since the last system start or the last reset of it. You can reset the uptime timer with a single click on it.

CPU Load History: it display the last 30 seconds of CPU load history as a histogram for one CPU with a single Core, Dual Core CPU's, Quad Core CPU's up to 8 CPU Cores.

Available Free Memory & current Memory use: it display the current values of free and memory use as digits and as progressbar.

Current Release: beta

Fixed the problem if you have more as 2 cores, the tool was showing the same cpu load value for cores 2 - 8.

Install Notes: Download the Zip-File and unpack where you want. Double click on XDSystemA1.gadget file to install Gadget at Vista Sidebar or at Windows 7 desktop.


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